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Bursting with aromas & flavours of juicy, ripe fruit.

Bursting with aromas and flavours of juice, ripe fruit.

Niagara Mist winemaking kits create a unique wine beverage with a fruity twist. Enjoy the refreshingly light and lusciously fruit-forward alternative to traditional table wine.

Perfect for any occasion, this wine is best enjoyed chilled on its own or as a base for punches and wine spritzers

Sweetness: sweet    Body: Light   Alcohol: 6.0%



Intense fruit flavours of refreshing blackberry

Black cherry

Fresh red berries and luscious black cherry

Cherry sangria

Juicy red cherries, tart pomegranate and subtle sweet floral notes from cherry blossoms


Smooth with fruit flavours of plump sun-ripened red raspberries

Citrus SAngria

Tangy Citrus, juicy papaya and fresh tropical fruit on the finish

green apple

Green apple sweetness and crisp tangy finish


Mango strawberry

Fresh mango and sweet, sun-ripened strawberries

orchard crisp

Vibrant juicy peach with tart and crispy apple


Light and fresh with flavours of sweet ripe peach

tropical fruit

Bursting with juicy sweet pineapple, mango and kiwi, subtle citrus notes.

white pear

Juicy pears, a splash of lemon with notes of custard and white flowers

Blue pom

Aromatics and flavours of red berry fruits with tangy blueberry and tart pomegranate


cranberry grapefruit

A well balanced juicy blend that's bursting with flavours of tart cranberry and zesty pink grapefruit.

Raspberry dragon fruit

Sweet dragon fruit with gentle splashes of tangy cool raspberries


Bright flavours of fresh picked sweet red strawberries

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